How To Lose Weight In Unprecedented Times With Nico Dandini, Fitness Professional And Coach At Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning – Press Release

WOBURN, MA / ACCESSWIRE / December 2, 2020 / Losing weight and reaching your fitness goals is tough, even in the best circumstances.

Throw in a pandemic and a year marked by chaos, and losing weight can feel nearly impossible. However, according to Nico Dandini, fitness professional and coach at the renowned Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning gym (MBSC), achieving your fitness goals is still completely possible.

Nico Dandini graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2018 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology. He subsequently landed a job as a personal trainer at MBSC. Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning has been recognized as a Top 10 Gym in the nation in multiple publications, including Men’s Health and Women’s Health Magazines. The gym is well known for both their functional training and sports performance training programs.

Over the last 2 years, Nico Dandini has trained athletes, teams, and

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US number of cases 8 times bigger than reported, CDC says; AstraZeneca vaccine faces questions; WHO encourages exercise

Like pretty much everything in 2020, Thanksgiving looks a lot different due to COVID-19.

New COVID-19 vaccine candidate up to 90% effective and different from others



Many are spending their first Thanksgiving alone or without loved ones. Families are turning video calls into the dinner table. Even the Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons are social distancing. 

“I know the country has grown weary of the fight,” President-elect Joe Biden said in a Thanksgiving eve address urging unity. “We need to remember we’re at war with the virus, not with one another. Not with each other.”

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Biden gave his address a day after the U.S. reported its deadliest day since May, with more than 2,000 new fatalities due to the virus. It could get worse: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Optavia: Eat 6 times a day to lose weight

Under the program you are sent 5 packets of fuel per day and then you make a meal on your own.

There’s a diet that is helping people lose weight fast. So in February we shot testimonials and a doctor’s opinion.

But then the pandemic hit. So did wearing masks. We decided to hold the story.
Now we know maintaining a healthy weight is more important than ever, since obesity is a risk factor for severe, even deadly COVID-19.

This plan safely brings the food to your home, and the support can be done virtually for physically distancing.       

“I’m at the orthopedist’s office for my follow up and I have to get on the scale, and I’m like, ‘Wait, what!’ It was quite a shock,” said Elinor Dorsey, 57, an Optavia coach in Covington.

“People would say, ‘No, you won’t look good in that because your behind’s too big,’ or

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Covid-19 News: Live Updates – The New York Times

Here’s what you need to know:

Credit…Jim Wilson/The New York Times

When infections began rising sharply in the U.S. in September, the growth was driven largely by outbreaks in the Upper Midwest. States like North Dakota and Wisconsin soon became the hardest hit in the nation, relative to their size, and the region continues to struggle.

Now, though, with the whole country’s daily average of new cases is as high as it has ever been — over 171,000 — the most rapid growth is happening elsewhere. Nine states are reporting more than twice as many new cases a day as they did two weeks ago, and none of them are in the Midwest.

The surges in those states — Arizona, California, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Vermont — reflect a still-escalating national crisis. Officials warn that

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Short sharp bursts of exercise are no fad | The Canberra Times

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Short bursts of intense exercise are not too good to be true when it comes to getting back into post COVID-19 lockdown shape. And it can help build a stronger, healthier heart. University of NSW Medicine exercise physiology researcher, Dr Andrew Keech, says high-intensity interval training, known as HIIT, is far from a celebrity fad. Dr Keech has studied the science of exercise for 20 years and says HIIT is superior to traditional moderate-intensity training, like a long slow jog. “HIIT is a fancy way of saying, ‘work hard for a while, recover and then do it all again’. This is what athletes have been doing for many years,” Dr Keech says. He said research showed that HIIT was effective in improving aerobic fitness and conditions such as blood pressure, body fat levels and glucose control. “Even if you rarely exercise, it’s never too late to start doing

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I Keep This Acupressure Ring with Me at All Times to Stay Chill

Mentally, I’m spent. But physically, I have so much restless energy. And I know I’m not alone in feeling like this — after all, the combo of now-chronic stress (thanks, 2020) plus continued quarantine life means we’re all halfway between stir-crazy and exhausted at all times.

a close up of a mans face: accupressure-rings-

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Luckily, earlier in quarantine, I stumbled across a weird new tool that seriously helps: acupressure rings.

They’re kind of like a combination of a fidget spinner, jewelry, and spiral hair tie — a series of rounded metal triangles interwoven to create a ring — and you roll it up and down your fingers to de-stress. I first got one at a local boutique in Astoria, Queens; they put together these cute self-care packages for people during the beginning of quarantine, and my lovely friend bought one for me. One of these rings was inside. At first, I had no

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