We answer the often searched question: “What are the symptoms of coronavirus versus the flu?”


BOSTON – A Rockland family with four school-aged children is among six families suing Gov. Charlie Baker and the state Department of Public Health over the requirement that schoolchildren be vaccinated against the flu.

The lawsuit is part of an effort by Vincent Delaney to fight the vaccine mandates. On the GoFundMe website, Delaney has raised $80,414 to fund the lawsuit fighting the mandatory flu vaccinations. The private “Flu You Baker” Facebook group has more than 13,000 members.

Delaney has a pending lawsuit against Baker for the shutdown of businesses related to the pandemic and has hired three lawyers to work on the flu case, one in Massachusetts and two from Florida.

Massachussetts: Flu vaccine now required for all students

Burlington lawyer Thomas Mason said the case is being spearheaded by the