The thoughtless husks who plunged this NFL season into chaos deserve a public shaming

Here we are, still living through this damn zombie movie. Only the zombies aren’t the living dead; they’re the incompetent braindead in living bodies, jerkily animated by their own impervious wants, sightless and hollowed out, incapable of self-preservation yet wreakers of havoc and destruction on others. It took just one zombie on the Baltimore Ravens who neglected to cover his nose and mouth with a mask to thereby wreck his own team, and with a ripple effect of infection plunge the NFL into organizational chaos.

a man riding on the back of a motorcycle: Coaches such as Baltimore's John Harbaugh will wear masks during games. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

© Patrick Smith/Getty Images
Coaches such as Baltimore’s John Harbaugh will wear masks during games. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

They’re easy to spot, zombies: They’re the un-sentient, disconnected husks who walk around breathing potential hell on their colleagues and neighbors. They lurch clumsily into the midst of crowded rooms with their masks either missing or dragging around their chins, spreading their odorless danger mercilessly as they

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Vaccine gains momentum, NFL season in chaos

— The rush to develop a vaccine gained steam with the news from Moderna Inc. that it would ask U.S. and European regulators to allow emergency use of its vaccine. Early results show the vaccine is more than 94 percent effective.

— The virus has thrown the NFL season into chaos yet again. The Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers contest was moved from Thanksgiving to Wednesday with more than 20 Ravens on the COVID-19 list, and the game is still in jeopardy of not being played as scheduled. The Denver Broncos started an undrafted rookie wide receiver at quarterback because of COVID-19 protocol violations.

— Tough new restrictions are taking effect across California as the state hit a new record with 7,400 coronavirus hospitalizations. Los Angeles County, home to 10 million people — imposed new rules calling for residents to stay home as much as possible.

THE NUMBERS: The long Thanksgiving weekend

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Colorado Ski Areas Opening as Pandemic’s Third Wave Threatens to Scuttle Season | Best States

As the snow deepens in Colorado’s Front Range, uncertainty owns the slopes in some of America’s top skiing destinations.

The largest players in the state’s multibillion-dollar ski industry spent the summer drawing up plans that would allow resorts to operate through another pandemic winter. Engineers were hired to re-imagine lift lines. Apps and no-touch kiosks were rushed to readiness. Parking attendants prepared to break up tailgate parties thrown by skiers unable to hit the slope-side bars.

Those months of effort aimed at twinned goals: opening, as hills above Aspen and Vail began to do days ago, and staying open. Now what some are calling the third wave of COVID-19 threatens to wash that all away.

“Our mantra and philosophy going into this winter is that safety is service,” says spokesperson John Plack of Vail Resorts, which operates 37 ski resorts in the United States and Australia.

“We’ve got these vast

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Quest Nutrition Protein Bars can keep you on track this holiday season

ST. LOUIS — The holiday season is right around the corner! There are so many treats we look forward to this time of year that might not be the best thing if you are trying to stay healthy. A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Emily Kyle, is here with some healthy holiday swaps for your sweet tooth.

Around the holidays we know it is hard with so many sweet treats and warm baked goods, but Emily says the good news is you do not have to deny your cravings. She says you can still stay on track with your healthy lifestyle with Quest Nutrition Protein Bars.

Quest bars come in crave-able flavors like cookies and cream, lemon cake, and birthday cake. Emily loves that they are low in sugar, low in carbs, and made with a high-quality protein. In the winter when you are craving a treat on a cold night, Emily

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Magic guard Evan Fournier reportedly plans to exercise player option for next season

The question on where Orlando Magic shooting guard Evan Fournier might be playing next season apparently has been answered.

Evan Fournier holding a ball: Orlando Magic guard Evan Fournier, the team's second-leading scorer and top 3-point shooter last season, plans to exercise his player option for next season.

© Charles King/Orlando Sentinel/Orlando Sentinel/TNS
Orlando Magic guard Evan Fournier, the team’s second-leading scorer and top 3-point shooter last season, plans to exercise his player option for next season.

Fournier plans to exercise his player option for the 2020-21 season, revealing one piece of the Magic’s offseason puzzle, according to Shams Charania of Stadium and The Athletic. Charania reports that Fournier will exercise the $17 million option on Monday.

Fournier averaged 18.5 points per game as he put together one of the best offensive seasons of his career in helping Orlando reach the playoffs for the second straight season. Before the coronavirus pandemic sent the league’s financial future into flux, Fournier appeared a likely candidate to pass on his player option and try his hand at free agency, considering the

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Open enrollment season during coronavirus pandemic means more mental health benefits, hospital coverage

In addition to providing more time off or flexibility for child care — perks that have received much attention as the pandemic has dragged on — employers are also offering workers far more access to telehealth platforms and mental health benefits.

“The big realization a lot of these companies have had during the pandemic is that there’s so much that happens in your personal life that affects your work,” said Brian Kropp, a vice president for the advisory firm Gartner.

A survey by the Business Group on Health, an advocacy group that represents large employers, found that for 2021, 53 percent of its members plan to expand virtual care options, while 36 percent plan to expand access to mental health services.

“We saw astronomical growth year over year” in virtual health benefits, as well as expansions in mental health benefits, said Ellen Kelsay, the group’s chief executive.

As Expedia Group

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