Russian State Employees Describe Pressure to Join Vaccine Trials | World News

By Polina Ivanova, Rinat Sagdiev, Gleb Stolyarov and Kate Kelland

MOSCOW (Reuters) – In late September, Moscow municipal official Sergei Martyanov sent a series of text messages to his subordinates: “Colleagues!!!… What is this sabotage???”

Martyanov was expressing dismay at his staff’s apparent reluctance to volunteer for the human trials of Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, named after the Soviet-era satellite that triggered the space race. The official in the Moscow department of city property said many quota spots for his staff to join the trial remained unfilled.

He said he had heard some workers were signing up to receive flu vaccines, making them ineligible for the coronavirus trial.

“Who are you trying to trick???” Martyanov said in the texts. “The coronavirus vaccine is the absolute priority!!!”

Anyone who had received the flu jab, he said, must still sign up for the COVID trial, allowing a month’s delay. He urged

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Hungary to test Russian coronavirus vaccine

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Hungary’s foreign minister on Monday said the country is moving forward with testing on a Russian coronavirus vaccine after being the first in Europe to receive samples of the drug last week.

Peter Szijjarto says 10 initial doses of Sputnik V – the drug hailed in August by Russian President Vladimir Putin as the world’s first registered COVID-19 vaccine – would undergo testing in Hungary for safety and effectiveness. Szijjarto announced last week that negotiations are ongoing between a Hungarian drug manufacturer and Russian partners on possible domestic production of the drug.

Sputnik V has not completed advanced clinical trials and has not yet been assessed by the European Medicines Agency, the European Union’s medicines regulator. The vaccine has already been administered in Russia to healthcare workers and other high-risk groups.

Szijjarto says Hungary is also in negotiations with three Chinese vaccine makers, and purchased 2.8 million

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Watch a ‘Skinny American’ Get Destroyed by the Russian Army Fitness Test

a person standing in front of a fence: For his latest fitness challenge, YouTuber Brandon William attempted the Russian Army's physical fitness test without any training and documented the process.

© Brandon William – YouTube
For his latest fitness challenge, YouTuber Brandon William attempted the Russian Army’s physical fitness test without any training and documented the process.

YouTuber Brandon William tries a lot of fitness challenges which involve plenty of repetition over a month-long period, like doing 100 pullups every day, or practicing the One Punch Man workout. In his latest video, Brandon takes on a one-off physical challenge that is so intense it leaves him gasping for breath: the Russian Army fitness test.

This fitness test is no joke, comprising:

  • 3,000 meter run
  • 100 meter sprint
  • 10 x 10 suicides
  • pullups
  • dips
  • leg raises
  • pushups
  • bodyweight bench press
  • an actual fight

Brandon opts out of the fighting portion of the challenge, but throws himself fully into all of the other rounds, starting with the 3,000-meter run. He’s allotted 12 minutes to complete the run, with 11 minutes generally deemed

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