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PEople should exercise restraint in going out as the Covid cases are rising. Contrary to this, markets in Solan are witnessing huge crowds throughout the day. Mall Road registers the maximum influx of vehicles, including three-wheelers, and pedestrians have little space to maintain social distancing. Residents should themselves be responsible to restrict their outings instead of expecting the government to impose another lockdown. — Balram, solan

Health Minister should have done surprise inspection

THE long-delayed visit of the Health Minister to the IGMC Covid ward is nothing more than an eyewash and a damage-control exercise. Things could have been different if it was a surprise inspection. Since the visit was planned, the IGMC authorities would have placed things in order. How can a patient admitted to the ward, who is at the mercy of doctors and paramedical staff, speak against them? Everyone knows the reality of Covid patients, but for

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As COVID test sites reach capacity, Washington state leaders urge restraint and judgment

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As Thanksgiving draws closer, COVID-19 infections are surging and virus testing is hitting capacity, leaving health experts and elected officials imploring the public to stay home, stay safe and save the testing for people who are symptomatic or had contact with someone who has the virus.

“We’re asking people to forego their holiday plans, to stay away from their friends and family and, right now, to reserve the test for people who have symptoms,” or who have been in close contact with people who do, said Dr. Charissa Fotinos, Washington state’s COVID testing lead at a briefing this week. She discouraged those who don’t meet those criteria from getting tested if the sole purpose is a “safety check” to accommodate travel and social gatherings.

Infection numbers are hitting new highs, with King County reporting a daily average of 581 new cases, a rate 200% higher

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