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I’ve spent the past week in a recliner, staring at my toes peeking out from a giant bandage on my foot. Surgery was a success, my surgeon assures me. Now the real healing begins.

First and foremost, doc’s orders are for me to stay strictly nonweight-bearing for six weeks. Guess it’s a good season to stay home anyway. Plenty of time to catch up on long-overdue projects. And thank you, God, for whoever invented those handy knee scooters. So much better than crutches!

I also have time to research what I can do to speed up this process — or at least stay on track with my expected healing time. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Our bodies have a built-in system to heal themselves, says integrative wellness doctor Andrew Weil. Injured skin and broken bones can literally knit themselves back together.

For example, medical experts say as long as two broken

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Pat Quinn, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge co-founder, dies at 37

The Ice Bucket Challenge went viral in 2014 with more than 17 million people participating by pouring ice water over their heads to raise awareness for ALS, commonly known as ‘Lou Gehrig’s disease.’ Nationally, 2.5 million people donated $115 million to the ALS Association in what the organization said at the time was “probably the single largest episode of giving outside of a disaster or emergency.”
“Pat fought ALS with positivity and bravery and inspired all around him. Those of us who knew him are devastated but grateful for all he did to advance the fight against ALS,” the ALS Foundation said in a news release.

Quinn, who lived in Yonkers, New York, was 30 when he was diagnosed with ALS in March 2013. The ALS Association said that following his diagnosis, he established a group of supporters, “Quinn for the Win,” to raise awareness and funds for the fight … Read More

QUINN ON NUTRITION: More ABC foods from readers | Get Healthy

QUINN ON NUTRITION: More ABC foods from readers

Fish is also one of few natural foods that contain vitamin D, a hormone-like vitamin with far-reaching health benefits.

My recent series on the ABCs of good foods generated some interesting responses. Here are a couple from readers in New Jersey:

“Hi, Barbara! Great article on A to Z health foods. … Question: No mention of fish? As a nutritionist, looking for your take on fish. I eat it four to five times a week in some form. Sorry to ask for free advice. Keep up the great writing.” — Kevin M.

Dear Kevin: My take is that there is more than one good food that starts with the letter F. I mentioned fruit in my column, but fish should definitely be on the list, as well. Fish and other seafood are rich in top-quality protein and low in saturated fat. And fish —

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QUINN ON NUTRITION: The ABCs of diabetes | Get Healthy

An editor who publishes this column in Australia called me out after my recent three-part series on the ABCs of good foods. He pointed out that, after P for peas and Q for quinoa, I ended the second of three columns with “R we out of space again? To be continued.” I then began the last installment with S for strawberries.

“Did you forget the letter R?” he asked.

Yes, I suppose I did. So with apologies, here is the missing R food:

Ricotta. It’s a creamy Italian cheese made from the milk of sheep, cows, goats or Italian water buffaloes, says Wikipedia. While other cheeses are made from solid curds formed in the cheesemaking process, ricotta is a product of the liquid whey that is left behind. In fact, ricotta in Italian literally means “recooked” (another R word).

Ricotta is rich in whey protein, which has been shown to

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