States plan for vaccines as daily US virus deaths top 3,100

States drafted plans Thursday for who will go to the front of the line when the first doses of COVID-19 vaccine become available later this month, as U.S. deaths from the outbreak eclipsed 3,100 in a single day, obliterating the record set last spring.

With initial supplies of the vaccine certain to be limited, governors and other state officials are weighing both health and economic concerns in deciding the order in which the shots will be dispensed.

States face a Friday deadline to submit requests for doses of the Pfizer vaccine and specify where they should be shipped, and many appear to be heeding nonbinding guidelines adopted this week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to put health care workers and nursing home patients first.

But they’re also facing a multitude of decisions about other categories of residents — some specific to their states; some vital to their

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Global Virus Toll Passes 1.5 Million As Nations Plan For Vaccine

The world passed the grim milestone of 1.5 million global coronavirus deaths on Thursday, as several nations planned to deliver much hoped-for vaccines early next year to break the cycle of lockdowns and restrictions.

But even as the latest positive news about a vaccine was announced, with the Moderna candidate showing it confers immunity for at least three months, several countries marked new Covid-19 records.

Italy registered 993 deaths, topping its previous record of 969 earlier in the year when it was the first European country to be affected by the pandemic.

Daily covid infections per world region since February 2 Daily covid infections per world region since February 2 Photo: AFP / Bertille LAGORCE

Iran, the Middle East’s hardest hit country, passed one million cases even as authorities considered easing restrictions and Britain recorded over 60,000 deaths.

The world’s hardest-hit country, the United States, recorded its highest daily death toll — 2,731 — since March, as the number

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Turkey announces vaccination plan for Chinese CoronaVac

ISTANBUL (AP) — Turkey’s health minister has announced a vaccination plan starting with an experimental “inactivated vaccine” later this month to combat the COVID-19 pandemic amid a surge in infections and deaths.

Fahrettin Koca had previously announced an agreement with Chinese biopharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech for 50 million doses of CoronaVac, which is currently in Phase 3 trials. Koca said in a statement late Wednesday that the first shipment of the inactivated vaccine will arrive in Turkey after Dec. 11.

Inactivated vaccines are made by growing the whole virus in a lab and then killing it. Safely brewing and then killing the virus can take longer than newer technologies. But inactivated vaccines give the body a sneak peek at the germ itself rather than just the single spike protein, which mediates the entry of the coronavirus.

The minister said early use authorization would be granted after Turkish labs confirm vaccine

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Twitter ‘Not Trusting’ Barack Obama’s Plan To Take COVID-19 Vaccine, Show It On TV


  • Twitter users react to Barack Obama’s COVID-19 vaccine announcement 
  • Some netizens doubt that Obama will immediately take the vaccine 
  • Other Twitter users were impressed with Obama’s effort to lead by example

Barack Obama plans to take the COVID-19 vaccine once it is available and do it on TV to stir public confidence, but some Twitter users are already doubting him.

Obama said he would believe Dr. Anthony Fauci if he would say that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe. The former POTUS said he would take the vaccine and have it shown on TV to encourage others to do the same, but some doubt the vaccine’s authenticity. Some even claimed that Obama would only inject a placebo while others pointed out that it is easy to fake things.

“But will that really be a Covid vaccine? They can show us all they want, but we don’t have proof

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SelectQuote Launches Innovative Medicare Plan Advisor to Supplement Agent Model

Digital tool re-engages prospective customers in sales process

SelectQuote, Inc. (NYSE:SLQT) announced today the beta launch of its new Medicare Plan Advisor that guides consumers through the Medicare plan selection process with a fully-digital experience. This powerful online tool will provide consumers with detailed information on Medicare Advantage plans based on their specific location, medications, and doctors.

While the Medicare Plan Advisor is not a substitute for an interaction with one of SelectQuote’s highly-skilled, licensed insurance agents, the new platform furthers the Company’s market breadth and aids consumers who prefer to shop online versus speaking with an agent.

“The Medicare Plan Advisor will become a powerful tool in our arsenal,” said Bill Grant, SelectQuote’s Chief Operating Officer. “While we remain convinced that most Seniors will continue to seek the unbiased advice of our licensed agents to navigate these complicated buying decisions, we recognize that some Seniors prefer to shop digitally

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My Creative and Theatrical Fitness Plan

BWW Blog: My Creative and Theatrical Fitness Plan
Cassie Maurer and her pup Chanel
helping her with homework
back in the beginning of
quarantine this March.

Ah, the holidays. Every year come late November, we BFA college students enter a sedentary period known as: winter break. Speaking for myself, at least. I morph from active, driven student almost instantly to couch potato. I’ve made it a goal of mine this year for that not to be the case. As opposed to sitting and watching Hallmark Christmas movies all day (though, trust me, I will absolutely be finding time to do this!), I’ve decided to make a fitness plan for myself to follow. But not just any fitness plan, no! This fitness plan is for working my creative and theatrical muscles while away from school… and I suppose I should exercise my physical muscles, as well. Keeping in mind, though, that this is called “winter break” for a reason,

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What is Blue Apron’s Weight Watchers plan? Learn more here

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process.

Blue Apron’s WW Meal Plan is a meal kit delivery service that Blue Apron run in partnership with the weight loss company WW (formerly Weight Watchers).

This article looks at how the meal plan works, what customers can expect from the service, and whether there are any alternatives.

The Blue Apron WW plan offers healthful, balanced meal kits, delivering fresh ingredients to the recipient’s door.

WW approve up to three of the recipes on offer each week, which Blue Apron mark with what they call the WW Mark of Wellness.

Recipes with the WW mark are:

  • high in vegetable content
  • low in calories
  • low in saturated fats
  • low in added salt and sugar

WW members can scan a barcode that comes with the

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Canada Blocks Certain Drug Exports In Response To US Plan

Canada announced Saturday a ban on exporting certain medicines that are or may soon be in short supply, a measure in response to a US plan to import drugs from its northern neighbor.

The plan promoted by outgoing US President Donald Trump aimed at allowing pharmacists and wholesalers to import certain prescription drugs in bulk from Canada takes effect on Monday.

The US plan is intended to lower prices for Americans, but comes at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has increased demand for some medicines.

Canada’s ban took effect on Friday, its health ministry said, and is intended “to protect Canada’s drug supply from bulk importations that could worsen drug shortages in Canada.”

“Certain drugs intended for the Canadian market are prohibited from being distributed for consumption outside of Canada if that sale would cause or worsen a drug shortage,” the ministry said.

US President Donald Trump during an event on lowering prescription drug prices at the White House on November 20, 2020 US President Donald Trump during an

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Biden’s plan for an army of disease trackers faces long odds

“Contact tracing works best and is most effective in settings where there isn’t the level of rampant transmission that there is now,” said Nicole Lurie, a former assistant secretary for preparedness and response at the Department of Health and Human Services and a public health advisor on Biden’s campaign. “There have to be measures to tamp down the level of the virus before it can be effective.”

States are so overwhelmed that earlier this week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released recommendations for who tracers should prioritize if the severity of the pandemic leaves them swamped with cases.

Yet Biden’s plan for a public health corps, which has been projected to cost $3.6 billion, would immediately run up against a deadlocked Congress that is nowhere close to passing a new round of pandemic aid — and, potentially, a GOP-controlled Senate reluctant to release more funding for state and

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Is ‘Green’ Mediterranean The Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss?


  • A new study suggests the “green” Mediterannean diet is more effective for weight loss than the traditional version
  • The green version requires consuming far less red meat and much more plant-based protein
  • The green Mediterranean diet also has also been linked to improvements in blood pressure and insulin resistance

The Mediterranean diet has long been believed to be an effective method of weight loss. But a new study suggests that there’s an even better way to lose weight: a “greener” version of the Mediterranean diet.

A study published Monday in the journal Heart found that a “green” Mediterranean diet is the way to go for those looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle while shedding extra pounds. Iris Shai, a co-author of the study, spoke about the difference between the new form and the old version of the diet in an email to

The original form of the

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