Russian State Employees Describe Pressure to Join Vaccine Trials | World News

By Polina Ivanova, Rinat Sagdiev, Gleb Stolyarov and Kate Kelland

MOSCOW (Reuters) – In late September, Moscow municipal official Sergei Martyanov sent a series of text messages to his subordinates: “Colleagues!!!… What is this sabotage???”

Martyanov was expressing dismay at his staff’s apparent reluctance to volunteer for the human trials of Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, named after the Soviet-era satellite that triggered the space race. The official in the Moscow department of city property said many quota spots for his staff to join the trial remained unfilled.

He said he had heard some workers were signing up to receive flu vaccines, making them ineligible for the coronavirus trial.

“Who are you trying to trick???” Martyanov said in the texts. “The coronavirus vaccine is the absolute priority!!!”

Anyone who had received the flu jab, he said, must still sign up for the COVID trial, allowing a month’s delay. He urged

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Supercomputer may give us COVID meds to join vaccines

An Alabama scientist’s research may lead to medicines that can team up with vaccines as another weapon against COVID-19, according to findings released today.

The team of University of Alabama in Huntsville biologist Dr. Jerome Baudry has already won an award for their work so far, and Beaudry said the widespread scientific and technical cooperation to fight COVID reminds him of “the space exploration of the ’60s.

“No competitors, only collaborators, and a unique feeling of purpose,” Baudry said.

Baudry’s laboratory at UAH used a supercomputer to screen 50,000 natural compounds that might affect COVID. The computer found 125 candidates. Now, testing at the University of Tennessee says 35 of those are being studied now for possible medication ingredients.

“There is very good news on vaccine developments, and it is great,” Baudry said today, “but it is important that we continue working on other pharmaceuticals. It’s a bit like for

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Fast&Up join hands with Mumbai City FC as Official Sports Nutrition Partner

Fast&Up will feature on the club’s back of shorts jersey position.

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Fast&Up will feature on the club’s back of shorts jersey position.

Mumbai City FC has onboarded Fast&Up as its Official Sports Nutrition Partner for the 2020/21 edition. The association sees Fast&Up joining hands with Mumbai City FC for a strategic partnership that will see the nutrition brand welcoming sports back in the country, and representing a team, which is also based out of Mumbai, the same city where Fast&Up’s India Headquarters are situated.

Mumbai City FC has always believed in representing the excellent spirit of its home city, and to have a brand from the city as a Partner, will make the members of the franchise feel at home when in Goa, Bimal Parekh, co-owner, Mumbai City FC, stated. “We are delighted to have active nutrition brand Fast&Up as our official Sports Nutrition Partner for the upcoming season. It is a brand that has

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