Almost 1 in 10 transgender Americans use nonprescribed hormones because they’re uninsured or insurance won’t cover the cost

For the transgender people who seek it, gender-affirming hormone therapy can be lifesaving. But if they’re uninsured or their insurance won’t cover it, some bypass the health care system entirely to get the care they need.

a hand holding a remote control: Around 75,000 transgender people who use gender-affirming hormones are using hormones their doctor didn't prescribe them, according to a new study.

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Around 75,000 transgender people who use gender-affirming hormones are using hormones their doctor didn’t prescribe them, according to a new study.

Around 75,000 transgender Americans are likely using hormones that weren’t prescribed — close to 1 in 10 of the estimated 1.4 million transgender adults in the US — says a study published this month in the Annals of Family Medicine.

Beyond the health risks of using nonprescription hormones, the findings indicate extensive barriers to care transgender Americans face, lead author Dr. Daphna Stroumsa told CNN.

“Trans people face a multitude of cultural and structural hurdles in staying safe and healthy,” said Stroumsa, a clinical

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For your next health insurance fight, an exercise in financial self-defense

A listener asked: ‘How do I remain cool when calling insurance companies?” So we called veteran self-defense teacher Lauren Taylor for advice. She leads Defend Yourself, an organization that works to empower people against violence and abuse.

As Taylor teaches it, self-defense involves a lot more than hitting and kicking. It’s about standing up for yourself in all kinds of difficult situations. Striking that posture includes using your words, and we asked Taylor to talk us through her top strategies. This year, she used them in her own health insurance fight.

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Does Your TRICARE Supplement Insurance Plan Fit Your Family?

Presented by MOAA Insurance Plans, endorsed by Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), administered by Mercer

When it comes to your health care, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution. TRICARE offers generous coverage, but it was never designed to cover everything.

That’s why some military associations and companies offer different types of TRICARE supplement insurance plans – designed for military families in many different situations – whether you’re on active duty, in the National Guard or Reserves, or already retired.

But how do you ­­decide which plan is best for you? It depends on many factors:

· Where do you usually get your medical care?

· Do you or a family member have an ongoing medical issue?

· Are you looking for a supplement that mainly helps to protect your budget against big medical expenses?

· Would you rather have a plan that limits how much you’ll pay out of pocket for

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Elite Model Management to Offer Insurance for Models

Elite Model Management USA is introducing insurance for models, a first in the industry.

Health-care access and coverage will be made available to all models represented by Elite Model Management USA at a low cost, effective Nov. 15.

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Models, who are considered independent contractors and not entitled to many employment-related benefits, have typically had to seek out coverage by other means, if at all.

Sergio Leccese, Elite USA’s  chief financial officer, said, “Modeling is one of the most exciting, yet unpredictable careers possible. We’ve always made it our mission to prepare our models for that unpredictability and protect them so they can flourish at the highest level. Insurance for Models is a natural extension of that core philosophy. We wanted to give our roster of models unparalleled peace of mind. This way, if they face a natural accident or interruption customary for any other profession, they know

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