Experts reveal how much exercise it takes to turn off your favourite festive foods

How much exercise does it take to work off YOUR favourite festive food? Experts reveal the number of squats, lunges and planks you need to burn off the calories (and it’s not good news if you enjoy Christmas pudding!)

  • Experts looked into how many exercises are needed to burn off festive foods
  • foundĀ most calorific is the Christmas Pudding (305 kcals)
  • Calculated it would take a staggering 1,445 squats to burn off just one serving
  • Pigs in Blanket (280 kcals) placed second and 430 burpees would be needed
  • For Brussel sprouts (45 kcals), only a 4-minute jog required to burn off a servingĀ 

With the timeless phrase ‘why not, it’s Christmas?’ uttered throughout the festive season, it is of no surprise many of us come to regret our festive overindulgence in

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