A Harvard Study Has Found How 12 Minutes of Exercise Can Boost Fat-Burning Metabolites

The sad reality of wanting to stay healthy is that not all of us can spare an hour a day for exercise. Often, living room workouts, garden WODs and kitchen mobility sessions are squeezed into lunch breaks or as a quick blast when our schedule permits. Even during a time when most of us are spending more hours at home, finding the minutes to get a sweat on is a challenge in itself, never mind the actual workout.

However, if a new Harvard-affiliated research paper by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is to be believed, short workouts will no longer equate to a failed workout.

As detailed in a paper published in Circulation, the research team found that approximately 12 minutes of cardiopulmonary exercise was enough to affect around 80 per cent of circulating metabolites — the substance that’s necessary for a functioning metabolism — as well as various biological pathways

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