Should You Bother Using One In Your Skincare Routine?

what do toners do

Mariana dos Santos PiresGetty Images

‘Cleanse, tone and moisturise’ has always been a mainstream beauty mantra. The long-held belief was that a toner removed anything your cleanse left behind, shrank pores and restored skin’s pH levels before the application of serums and creams.

Then two things happened. First, beauty regimes got progressively more complicated so using a toner fell by the wayside. Second, toners started to get a bad reputation because many formulations contained high levels of alcohol, making them astringent and extremely drying – terms which don’t exactly scream glowing complexion.

Thankfully, the majority of brands went back to the drawing board and reformulated their toners not only to make them alcohol-free, but also to boost them with active ingredients in order to supercharge your skincare routine.

So, are they worth adding back into your routine? Before you add one to your online shopping basket, here’s all you

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