Should you get a COVID-19 test after Thanksgiving? We asked an expert

Top doctors across the Texas Medical Center are concerned about one prevailing threat right now: the potential surge of coronavirus cases emerging right after the Thanksgiving holiday. According to the Texas Department of Health, Texas has registered 1,168,111 positive COVID-19 cases since the outset of the pandemic, with 190,631 confirmed cases in Harris County.

“With all the cases that are climbing and with the widespread family travel, there‚Äôs no way to be confident that things will be fine. In fact, all signs point the opposite direction. We have large exposures,” Dr. James McCarthy, the executive vice president at Memorial Hermann hospital, told Chron.

PICTURE OF COMPASSION: Houston ICU doctor hugs COVID-19 patient on Thanksgiving in viral photo

If you joined in Thanksgiving gatherings with immediate family or friends, the pivotal question that’s being posed is straightforward: Should you get tested for COVID-19 or quarantine right after the Thanksgiving holiday?


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